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How does the rollable TV work?

Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips
Published on Jan 10, 2019

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Richard Tech
Richard Tech 4 months ago

Disappointed that you didn't get out the screwdrivers and start taking this apart.ο»Ώ

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Kaechos 4 months ago

Yeah, right a rollable TV. Like that is possible. Clearly there is a portal in the box and it is just hiding it into a another universe.ο»Ώ

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DrNo One
DrNo One 4 months ago

"π™°πš™πš™πš•πšŽ "π™Έπ™½π™½π™Ύπš…π™°πšƒπ™Έπš…π™΄π™»πšˆ" πšŒπš›πšŽπšŠπšπšŽπšœ πš›πš˜πš•πš•πšŠπš‹πš•πšŽ 𝚝𝚟 πš πš’πšπš‘ πš—πš˜πšπšŒπš‘"ο»Ώ

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DerVidBewerter 4 months ago

Just imagine someone coming over and asking „where‘s your TV“ then you press a button and this thing rolls outο»Ώ

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KaibaCorp HQ
KaibaCorp HQ 4 months ago

4:28 A Wild Austin Appears!ο»Ώ

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NootNoot! 4 months ago

The guys booing Linus was the best part of the video!ο»Ώ

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10p6 4 months ago

2050 world going to hell "I can't breath" - "But at least we had that rollable TV"ο»Ώ

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Liam 4 months ago

Can you hang it from the ceiling and have it roll down?ο»Ώ

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TheOzarkWizard 4 months ago

ROLED is perfect.ο»Ώ

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Tom5tom Entertainment
Tom5tom Entertainment 4 months ago

My TV is rollable too. Once.ο»Ώ

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Snapmare 4 months ago

everyone gangster until the tv rolls upο»Ώ

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DilanChecker 4 months ago

Please tell me, that the roll TV is intended to be used on the ground and on my ceiling. I would love to have this tv screwed to my bedroom ceiling.ο»Ώ

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Veer Sing Hansdah
Veer Sing Hansdah 4 months ago

He:it's going to be a lot
Linus be like :who the Fu©k are you ? Ohh hiiii ohh hey guys !ο»Ώ

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zoinks b
zoinks b 4 months ago (edited)

Now buy 4 of them put them side by side connect it with your 7 Titan , twin cpu server PC and play Minecraft in 24 k wideο»Ώ

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pr0xZen 4 months ago

That weird perspective - the 75" looks like more like 42 with linus standing in the foreground.ο»Ώ

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Senmaiel 4 months ago

Damn, I had to like it at R-OLED...ο»Ώ

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Jacob Lance
Jacob Lance 4 months ago

Did anyone else notice that at 7:10 when the hammer hits the iPhone, the ringer switch gets turned on?ο»Ώ

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RajaRaja P
RajaRaja P 3 months ago

Beautiful OLED TV, how many moneyο»Ώ

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Legacy J Discord
Legacy J Discord 3 months ago

I love you LG.....my Little Geniuses.....futureboy aka LJο»Ώ

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Justin Y.
Justin Y. 4 months ago

4:29 An Austin evan has just spawnedο»Ώ

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