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Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

Published on Jan 9, 2019

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Ayantu Bedaso
Ayantu Bedaso 1 month ago (edited)

Ayyy I commented they should do this and they said they would but they actually did🤩🤩🤩(but they should’ve done it w/out there biologicall parents because there not really going to argue with there parents and they should’ve made it more deep)

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Anna Pyatkova
Anna Pyatkova 1 month ago

The mother doesn’t want her daughter to be affected with comparing herself to other people yet she can’t do as little as just saying her age. What the hell is “39+1”, I mean these are the insecurities that’ll be engraved in your little girl. Lets not forget the mother plays a significant role in her daughter’s body image and self love, it’s not the media, it all starts in the family first.

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a nostalgic babe , here I go again

"Im Elizabeth im 39+1." awe

reply    906 likes    dislike
HENRY THE RC CAR 1 month ago

Hi I'm James, I'm 14 years old and i split the atom ⚛️

Definitely not your average teens smh 🙄

reply    3,397 likes    dislike
The White Gambino
The White Gambino 1 month ago

"I knew 3 or 4 people who had those issues when I was in school"

Laughs in millennial

reply    4,010 likes    dislike
Girl of Many Vloggities

When Fanny laughed as she said she wasn’t going to say her age at 0:36, I felt uncomfortable.

reply    443 likes    dislike
Meekrs 1 month ago

why did they bring in some prodigy ass kids

reply    5,362 likes    dislike
Kalana Herath
Kalana Herath 1 month ago

What I expected to see:
Teens: *Give any logically sound argument.
Parents: It's that Damm phone

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William 1 month ago

Boring episode, bring in normal teens not child prodigies and adults who aren’t related to them because it, whether intentional or not, creates non organic dialogue.

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Jackson McKagan
Jackson McKagan 1 month ago

Lol this guy thinks depression comes from lack of innocence.

reply    2,282 likes    dislike
noha. 1 month ago

they should've put normal teens and w strangers parents.

reply    2,916 likes    dislike
Girl of Many Vloggities
Girl of Many Vloggities 1 month ago (edited)

I wonder if Isabella and her mom were laughing at Fanny’s name considering they’re British and I, as an American, know what that means.

reply    111 likes    dislike
Abbi 1 month ago

Umm wth is this??... 2:56
He was disappointed in his friends because they added him to an Instagram group that no parents could see...😂

These kids are way too innocent for this discussion...😤🤦‍♀️

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Itgel N
Itgel N 1 month ago

The teens do not represent the teens at all. They are all prodigies, majority are not like that . Plz remake the video with teens from different backgrounds and maybe the parents and the teens shouldn't be related to being more heated discussions.

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Girl of Many Vloggities
Girl of Many Vloggities 1 month ago (edited)

Taylor kinda looks like Billie Eilish.

reply    150 likes    dislike
isabella 1 month ago

i think that taylors dad is very wrong about the depression and anxiety thing

reply    658 likes    dislike
first name last name
first name last name 1 month ago

Glad my fellow Child pilots getting represented. 😤

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Pablo Pabon
Pablo Pabon 1 month ago

You guys should do a Students Vs. Teachers episode

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Enigma- 3 weeks ago

I strongly disagree with the guy at 3:33.

We are not “less innocent”, we are becoming more aware of what the world is. And, the reason why mental illness and disorders are going up, is because MORE PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT. Mental health issues are becoming less and less stigmatized than they used to be. We’re becoming more aware of what is going on, and that’s a good thing. We have to have self-awareness to fix ourselves.

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Katie Scarborough
Katie Scarborough 3 weeks ago

Mom: I didn’t know you had Instagram
Kid: I got rid of it nervous laughter

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