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Mary Poppins (1964): Where Are They Now?

I have bad grammar
I have bad grammar
Published on Jun 16, 2014

find out what ever happen to the 1964 TV show, movie

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ChrisMac2489 1 year ago

Mathew 😢 so young RIP wee man

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愛莉黒羽 2 years ago

Cancer is the worst😡

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Chaz DeSimone
Chaz DeSimone 3 years ago

What a wonderful way to close the curtain on an enjoyable evening of Mary Poppins and Mr. Banks entertainment. Thank you. Also, today is Walt's birthday. Happy Birthday, Walt.

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MRHRamos 1 year ago

Julie Andrews is and will always be Mary Poppins. The hottest nanny ever.

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Nobody's fool
Nobody's fool 3 years ago

Don't wish to speak ill of the dead and I'm a huge fan of Matthew but I'd always been led to believe he had a drug problem which played a factor in his untimely death. Anyway, a wonderful young actor who passed too soon.

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Elizabeth R Wood
Elizabeth R Wood 2 years ago

Only Julie Andrews recording should have been singing through this!!!

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DES FITZGERALD 4 years ago

who wrote those captions?
obviously someone whose first language is not english.
julie does not have a grandmother.
she IS  a grandmother!

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Bei Jia Viggiano
Bei Jia Viggiano 6 months ago

So nice of how these minor characters were added 😊

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Kit Cumbie
Kit Cumbie 6 months ago

Who approved this horrible voice track. Jeeeeezus!

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GRACE PINEDA 2 years ago

almost all of it is a lie

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Honnie Bunn
Honnie Bunn 2 years ago

A lot of them died dude to heart problems

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pegasusgalaxy68 1 year ago

I expected the original mary poppins recording...shame on you

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lilmissrandom17 1 year ago

why do I find it amusing that Katy nana was in a film called Die Laughing...

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John W.
John W. 1 year ago

you forgot t show reta shaw who also was in mary poppins smovie

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Nexu 3 years ago

Matthew/Michael Was my favorite actor and died in India what a peice

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Heli-Crew HGS
Heli-Crew HGS 4 months ago

It feels like this was written by dyslexic Indians.

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fullstrutn 2 years ago

Arthur Treacher we miss your fish and chips

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Sylvia Ramos
Sylvia Ramos 1 year ago

Great info, but poor grammar...too disracting that I couldn't finish watching.

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The blisters On Ringo's fingers

Ed Wynn also played the mad hatter in
Disney's Alice in Wonderland. There is a lot of important info missing and a lot of filler info instead. Still very interesting though.

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Violet Andonopoulou
Violet Andonopoulou 3 years ago

That's lovely , but I am sad because most of them have died = ( !Can I ask something irrelevant, do you know where Julie Andrews lives now? Because I would like to meet her if I can !! I am her admirer !!

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