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What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning
Published on Jun 17, 2019

We’re putting our buds to the test to determine what’s the best cheese for your burger!  GMM #1556
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Sammy R.
Sammy R. 1 month ago (edited)

I wish they'd have Gordon Ramsay on here. I wonder how he'd react to Josh's dishes...

reply    1,847 likes    dislike
peekaboots01 1 month ago

Nah Rhett and Link should have taste tested ALL those cheeses! The Mythical Society... pphft!

reply    468 likes    dislike
Julia Tripp
Julia Tripp 1 month ago

You should do this episode again but instead of burgers do grilled cheese sandwiches!!

reply    118 likes    dislike
Subscribbled 1 month ago

Whoever cut these burgers unevenly clearly had a sibling they had to share everything with when they were younger

reply    164 likes    dislike
Chris 1 month ago (edited)

No one:

Josh: What about this Chevre, I think we should shove it right into the top 4

Swiss and Provolone fans: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

reply    374 likes    dislike
Line Andersen
Line Andersen 1 month ago

So I guess we now can confirm that hypnosis didn't work for Link 😂🍅

reply    1,742 likes    dislike
Jennifer Saar
Jennifer Saar 2 weeks ago

No Swiss or cheddar? C'mon, I call bs.

reply    38 likes    dislike
TheyAreTakingTheHobbitsToIsengard 1 month ago (edited)

Stares at mythical crew in Pepperjackian >_>

reply    48 likes    dislike
Irma 3 weeks ago

Im a bit bummed put tho. At first mythical society was just extra content. Now the people who didnt join it missed most of the elimination.

reply    127 likes    dislike
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ 1 month ago

"Wheres daddy?"
"Did he go to the club again?"

He's been at the gas station for 17 years!

reply    262 likes    dislike
unionjack515 1 month ago

You lost me at “we eliminated cheddar.” Come on boys.

reply    877 likes    dislike
Wolfenkittens 1 month ago (edited)

How did mozzarella beat cheddar! I lost so much respect...

reply    102 likes    dislike
Caleb Clifton
Caleb Clifton 3 weeks ago (edited)

"Come lay yourself on me, and then put me in your mouth" -Rhett

reply    37 likes    dislike
TheMocoMan 1 month ago

1.1 million views to watch two dudes eat burgers. #15 on trending. Just amazing.

reply    46 likes    dislike
- Lijosu -
- Lijosu - 1 month ago

Eats Gouda on burger, the cheese that is literally designed for sandwiches
Wow, Im surprised how good this is!

reply    31 likes    dislike
Devilolzalot 1 month ago

Mozzarella beat provolone and pepperjack by the mythical crew?
I lost some respect for that decision.

reply    1,084 likes    dislike
bamischijfje123 1 month ago

Gouda, it's pronounced gouda: xɑuda

Chainsaw Dutch G, then "cow" without the c, and then "da"


reply    13 likes    dislike
Zharan 1 month ago

Rhett: and in my loins even.

Link: checks Rhett's loins

reply    33 likes    dislike
AreYouNotEntertained? 1 month ago

You lost me at “we eliminated cheddar.” Come on boys

reply    39 likes    dislike
Jason M.
Jason M. 1 month ago

“That was a little bit of... burger love juice.”
- Rhett McLaughlin, 2019

reply    37 likes    dislike