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Jennifer Lawrence funny moments

Julia R
Julia R
Published on Jan 19, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence - funny moments 2018 (comedy sketches, funny scenes, funny video, bloopers, interview with Jennifer Lawrence)

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wrath boy
wrath boy 1 year ago

turtles run away

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Kitchen Utensil
Kitchen Utensil 1 year ago (edited)

“If you see somebody in a Tesla giving you the finger, that’s me.” 😂😂😂

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Jane Doe
Jane Doe 1 year ago (edited)

Real talk though.... I've lost 3 turtles. They straight up dig a holes under the gate and they out!

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Broccoli 1 year ago

I was drinking water while watching this...
Bad idea..

Should've drank beer instead

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Alys Pardeé
Alys Pardeé 1 year ago

Emma and Jen are great together 😝

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Jeremiah Rodgers
Jeremiah Rodgers 7 months ago

"Can you name the coldest season of the year"


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Lea W
Lea W 10 months ago

For those of you who wonder; the first clip is NOT from any of her movies. It's from a hobbit parody thingy on saturday night live. Just google 'jennifer lawrence snl hobbit' and you'll find it :)))

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shaze ul mulk
shaze ul mulk 11 months ago

She should be captain marvel

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50,000 subscribers with no videos

My turtle run away too

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Minnie Mina
Minnie Mina 1 year ago

The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Joy, Silver Linings, Mother!, Passenger, Winter's Bone, Xmen (To many to count), Red Sparrow, The Beaver.

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Minnie Mina
Minnie Mina 1 year ago

Am I the only one that knows all of her movies? I'm a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan! And I love the the hunger games book and movies.

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Alan Villagra
Alan Villagra 11 months ago

Her laugh is pure love

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Kyle MacDonald
Kyle MacDonald 7 months ago

Alternative title for this video: this video will make you fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence.

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princess moth
princess moth 8 months ago

"Its the coldes SEASON of the year"


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Veg Sierra
Veg Sierra 1 year ago

I would absolutely die if I met her! She seems like she would be so awesome!

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Littlebig Mac
Littlebig Mac 11 months ago

“No da real x-men” jen is so cute

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Pipe Aliaga
Pipe Aliaga 1 year ago

I can't get enough of her. Every country should have its own Jennifer Law. We love you in Chile (I know you read comments of videos about you)

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Cutler Me
Cutler Me 8 months ago

it would have been funny if one of the people just named all of the hunger games movies and one more for the 5 movies shes been in.

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Alexa Smith
Alexa Smith 2 months ago

1:I woke up
2:I saw jennifer lawrence
3:I hugged her
4:I cryed
The correct order is 2 ,3,1,4

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GaBarrett 456
GaBarrett 456 1 year ago

Omg she’s such a cool down to earth amazingly talented person UUGGGHHH!!! I need to be friends with her we’d get along so well

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