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Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
Published on Jan 8, 2019

We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/

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Teagan Sanchez
Teagan Sanchez 1 month ago

Both of them arguing about the milkshake is actually the funniest thing😂😂

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Serena Greaney
Serena Greaney 1 week ago

2016: ethan drinks 1 gallon of milk

2019: JUST 1 SIP

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QueenB 2 weeks ago

So basically by the end of this, Grayson looks like his normal self.

While Ethan ends up as a creepy gym teacher with a douchy mustache & pink toe nails 😂

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Our best lives
Our best lives 3 weeks ago

Ethan: one sip
Grayson: one gulp
Ethan: sip
Grayson: gulp

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Sofie xo
Sofie xo 3 weeks ago

Grayson looks like a dad running after his kid that just disobeyed him looooool😂

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Sparky 26
Sparky 26 1 month ago

I love how they don’t edit out their arguments, just keepin it real:)

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brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari

HOW does the cameraman manage to not burst out laughing, RESPECT 😂

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Mailynn Johnson-Hoffer

“ I got a mustache and I look like.... a creepy gym teacher”
Anyone else thought he was going to say pedo or is that just me

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izzy da silva
izzy da silva 2 weeks ago

For ethans turn he should have asked grayson if he could shave off his mustache and change his clothes 😂

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The Office Sis
The Office Sis 3 weeks ago

16:13 I feel bad for their mom.....she had to deal with that for 15 years 😂😂😂

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Yours Yanela
Yours Yanela 1 month ago


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Gaming Club
Gaming Club 1 week ago

Ethan: "I'm not gonna let my 20 minute older brother boss me around"

10 minutes later

Grayson tells Ethan to make breakfast because he does it all the time

Hypothesis:Grayson is the older one

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Eva 5 days ago

The way Ethan googles drinking XD. These are like exactly the arguments I have with my sister. Lmao

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Emma Jara
Emma Jara 2 weeks ago

Is anyone else confused how they said they were going in and out but his shake say McCafé??

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Nicole_Ofelia 3 weeks ago

Who else agrees we need a part 2?

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belinda lancaster
belinda lancaster 1 month ago

“ I wanna cut my toes off, they’re pink and pretty”
- ethan 2019

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Rabeeya Khawaja
Rabeeya Khawaja 1 week ago

This video made me love grayson even more

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Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie 5 days ago

i got him by his.. i got him by his douchebag shirt LMFAO😂

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Red Turtle
Red Turtle 1 week ago

“You don’t even have a toenail“
“I think I bit it off”💀

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MERRY KRISTMAS!!!! 2 weeks ago

8:10. the POINT of an uncrustable sandwich is that there's no crust grayson. yet you still take off the nonexistent crust...

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