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Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
Published on Jan 8, 2019

We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/

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Nixev 4 months ago (edited)

I would like to see weekly grocery shopping videos with Grayson

lmao ok thanks for the likes? @nixevbeauty if you want to talk to me 😭

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layla patata
layla patata 1 month ago (edited)

Grayson: he has a pillow on his HEADBOARD... who tf was sleeping up there

Me: emma

Edit: WoAh sO mAnY lIkEs

Edit: holy crap 1.1k likes this is the most I've ever gotten.. thanks

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Ullrich Duveen
Ullrich Duveen 2 weeks ago

This is Jeff
He is 0 years old
Lets see how old he can get in one year!

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chu vi
chu vi 1 month ago

The milkshake argument when grayson pulled ethan's hair and cloth is LITERALLY ME N MY SISTERS

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Penda Ba
Penda Ba 1 month ago

”sounds like a personal problem to me.”

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Pregnant Teen Mommy
Pregnant Teen Mommy 4 months ago (edited)

Does anyone else feel like Grayson is the older twin, and Ethan is the younger twin?

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Kerigan Schroeder
Kerigan Schroeder 1 month ago

G: what did you spit on me

E: protein powder bro.

G: i didnt say you were allowed to do this

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Denesha Brown
Denesha Brown 1 month ago (edited)

Grayson:look at my stomach
Ethan:thats thé biggest food baby i ever seen
Grayson:ITS A SMOOTHIE BABY😜😂😂16:51

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Champion Martha
Champion Martha 3 weeks ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul:
I HaVeN’t HaD dAiRy iN 4 mOnThS

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Audrey Anderson
Audrey Anderson 1 month ago (edited)

Grapeson go grab me some grapes

I got dusty grape water on my shirt!

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YOLO 4 months ago

I’ve never seen anyone so upset over drinking a milkshake 😂😂😂😂😂

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Viana Ferrer
Viana Ferrer 1 month ago (edited)

Am I the only one laughing so hard how Ethan punch graysons arm to leave the car
Edit: 16:20-16:22

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Sophie Hawk
Sophie Hawk 1 month ago

roses are red
violets are blue
i got my first like
wait why is it blue

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Gacha Gods
Gacha Gods 1 month ago

Ethan: No! Not the pool! I’ll get sssssick!
James: he’ll get sister sick
Emma: umm, uh, maybe, not no, umm that’s not that great, uhh, I need coffee
Grayson: who cares

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caitlin b
caitlin b 2 months ago

i love how much of a drama queen ethan is haha

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Serena Greaney
Serena Greaney 3 months ago

2016: ethan drinks 1 gallon of milk

2019: JUST 1 SIP

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Acacia Cianne
Acacia Cianne 1 month ago

8:10 GRAY IS





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Grace White
Grace White 1 month ago

This is Jeff

Jeff is 0

Let's see how old Jeff can get in one year b.t.w I LOVE YOU GUYS

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Christine Okari
Christine Okari 1 week ago

Ethan is a good listener he maintains eye contact and he is present

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Nancy Cohen
Nancy Cohen 1 month ago

24:06 he really just missed the opportunity to say "i got a mustache and i look like a pedo"

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