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Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Published on Jan 9, 2019

Neil Patrick Harris talks about working with his kids on the set of A Series of Unfortunate Events, his hesitance to let them start an Instagram account and making a crossword puzzle for The New York Times.
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Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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1,000 subs no videos Challenge

He’s actually talented actor Count Olaf disguised as this nobody Neil Patrick Harris

reply    504 likes    dislike
Tyrant-Den 1 month ago

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird to see Neil being reasonable and responsible?

reply    464 likes    dislike
TheR3aper5 1 month ago (edited)

NPH is such a damn great father. Any time he talks about his family, you can see him lighting up with joy and happiness, and you can especially tell when he says "ok, tell me more" when talking about the dogs intagram.

reply    643 likes    dislike
Dxrk Lights
Dxrk Lights 1 month ago

Hi Barney, I mean count Olaf I mean Neil. Aghhhh

reply    288 likes    dislike
JENeration 1 month ago

Lmao He made up a card just to troll the show. He's so legen- wait for it...

reply    853 likes    dislike
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg 1 month ago

Nice suit. He always likable and well spoken. Hope he gets more work.

reply    592 likes    dislike
Big Sam
Big Sam 1 month ago

It’s Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

reply    396 likes    dislike
HangTheDj 1 month ago

Someone call the VFD, I found Count Olaf in disguise! 😂😂

reply    190 likes    dislike
Eth 1 month ago

That’s not Neil that’s Count Olaf it’s obvious he’s going for the Harris family fortune!

reply    80 likes    dislike
Sahiry Gnobehi
Sahiry Gnobehi 1 month ago

I noticed whenever Neil is doing an interview. He's always on point.

reply    411 likes    dislike
Ali 1 month ago

Now that he's finished with Count Olaf, he can improve on another Jim Carrey role, the Riddler.

reply    234 likes    dislike
♡venuz_babi♡ 1 month ago

Daniel Handler? Ugh always taking credit for Lemony Snicket's work

reply    51 likes    dislike
1,000 subs no videos Challenge

Who is this handsome Count Olaf everyone is speaking of

reply    42 likes    dislike
zeegap tunes
zeegap tunes 1 month ago

He seems like such a great parent. I need lessons 😅

reply    154 likes    dislike
princessc1986 1 month ago

U know what they say-it's better to have a fist in the cheese, than a horse on top of it...😂

reply    244 likes    dislike
Eric Woodard
Eric Woodard 1 month ago

I read the books as a kid and loved them. The show was a great adaptation. Much better than the Jim Carrey movie. However, the girl who plays violet is so much better than Klaus.

reply    213 likes    dislike
Magdalena S
Magdalena S 1 month ago

‘Nah, I just made it up for the show’ 😎

reply    178 likes    dislike
HailG3 1 month ago

My grandma always used to say, and I'll never forget her wise words
It's better to have a fist in the cheese, than a horse on top of it

reply    36 likes    dislike
Backup Account
Backup Account 1 month ago

Oh no! Count Olaf in disguise!

reply    72 likes    dislike
my twocents
my twocents 1 month ago

NPH deserves an Oscar for Count Olaf. Best character EVER.

reply    56 likes    dislike