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Why My Eyes Are Blue, Changing Your Eye Color | GRWM

Cydnee Black
Cydnee Black
Published on Jun 13, 2019

Hey babes!
Today I wanted to talk about my eYeS. As a black person with naturally blue eyes, I get a lot of questions and comments regarding my eye color. The comments I’ve gotten recently have urged me to investigate more as to why my eye might be blue. I’ve always thought it was just inherited by my mom, but turns out there is an actual reason for it, so I decided to put on some make and share with you guys what I found out! I hope you enjoy! XX CYD


Articles Referenced -

My Ancestry - https://youtu.be/Mlcew2ipp4M
Doing Makeup With My Mom - https://youtu.be/zL500jYybAo
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↣ Are your eyes real?
Yes, they are naturally blue, with brown spots.

↣ What is your race/ethnicity?
I am African American/Black

↣ What is your Foundation color?
In MAC foundation I wear NW45 or NC50.
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Kwe Rivera
Kwe Rivera 3 weeks ago

her eyes don't even look like contacts smh

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Ambers Alerts
Ambers Alerts 6 days ago

Her eyes don’t even look fake.. people are so weird. 🤷🏽‍♀️😩

reply    137 likes    dislike
Viola Maria
Viola Maria 1 week ago

Ur getting hate for one reason: JEALOUSY. You're eyes are a gift 💜🤗

reply    544 likes    dislike
Kerin Nessa
Kerin Nessa 6 days ago

When she mimics the typing haters. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

reply    101 likes    dislike
JEM 1 week ago

Dark skin and blue eyes...beautiful and unique sis. Haters fall back! Keep educating people though, that's really important.

reply    159 likes    dislike
Emily Bird
Emily Bird 1 month ago

honestly, a light eye colour with dark features is absolutely stunning

reply    29,939 likes    dislike
Aakhya Sharma
Aakhya Sharma 1 week ago

Everyone: her eyes...her eyes

Me: her VOICE is soo relaxing 🙄❤

reply    243 likes    dislike
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis 1 week ago

Post a picture of you wearing dark brown contacts then say, Hey guys, like my new dark brown contacts I just bought.I would love to see people’s reaction. I mean what would they say?

reply    74 likes    dislike
lilllyyybbb 47
lilllyyybbb 47 1 week ago

she looks like the dark skinned version of the blonde girl from the princess and the frog. she rlly pretty bruh

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Fragile As Glass
Fragile As Glass 1 week ago

People say those things because they think black people can't have natural light eyes, which is ridiculous.

Every race/individual can have light eyes, it's just a matter of genetics.

reply    69 likes    dislike
Sammy Ally
Sammy Ally 3 weeks ago

I don't know why this popped up in my recommended. I don't know why I watched the whole thing.
But she look beautiful.

reply    9,962 likes    dislike
PoplinRheyz 1 week ago

Me without makeup: Lookin like a saggy potato
Her without makeup: goddess 😇

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godivaknight 1 week ago

This is very interesting.

I teach in Detroit, Michigan. And I have a black student with one blue eye and one brown eye. She has spots in her eye. She’s also very pretty just like you. She looks a lot like you. The resemblance is so strong that the two of you could be related. I’m going to make sure she’s had her hearing checked just to be safe. Thanks for the informative video.

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hoot hoot
hoot hoot 1 week ago (edited)

First time viewer and i love your energy// attitude//vibe.
You fantastic.

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Chelsea Griffin
Chelsea Griffin 1 week ago

"You try to empower me to love my brown eyes and my eyes aren't brown so... now what? 🤷‍♀️" 😂😂 love it

reply    32 likes    dislike
Cybergenic 1 week ago

Blue eyes on black skin are stunning and beautiful. I think some of those negative comments stem from jealousy

reply    2,741 likes    dislike
Meme Maria
Meme Maria 2 days ago

To haters: She is not wearing contacts...theyre her natural eye color.

reply    3 likes    dislike
Khaliyah Harden
Khaliyah Harden 1 week ago

My granddaddy actually has blue eyes and I thought his were contacts to😂😂 but he was just born that way 💘💘

reply    79 likes    dislike
Erica Rivera
Erica Rivera 1 day ago

Keep doing you, people are crazy! You are beautiful just the way you were made!

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Ron leo
Ron leo 2 days ago

I could tell within 5 seconds that her eyes were really blue. Colored contacts are OBVIOUS because they are convex. The colored part of the eye (Iris) is flat behind a clear layer giving them depth. Your eyes are an amazing shade of steel/crystal blue.

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