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Agent 00
Agent 00
Published on Jan 10, 2019

Shouts to CinemaSins for the inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNNAG...
Every time I played the MyCareer story I was skipping the cutscenes to get to the enjoyable part of the game. Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em...

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Duke Dennis
Duke Dennis 4 months ago

Davisss ruined nba 2K19

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Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 4 months ago

Chooses a 5’7 PG............
Wow...your taller than I expected

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EliteTheKing 4 months ago

Should’ve added a sin for the disappearance to all our clothes once the prelude ended

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Biased Spam
Biased Spam 4 months ago

This would be a 2 hour vid if it was 2k18

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Grinding DF
Grinding DF 4 months ago

I love Cinema Sins

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Kyle Lee Jr
Kyle Lee Jr 2 months ago

Tyceno would disagree about 6’3 pure shot creator 😂😂

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King Jay
King Jay 4 months ago

Anybody else skipped all this in the game ? 😂 I didn’t know all these cut scenes where in the game

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Rem Rens
Rem Rens 4 months ago

"Ahh so I guess I'm the leader of the team now,it seems my insecurity, lack of maturity and constant need of approval is finally paying off" 😂 😂 😂

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BluefishTV 4 months ago

Since when is Michael Jackson my girlfriend??

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Master prestige Goat-cheese

Haha I see you been watching cinema sins lol 😂😂

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Juan The Don
Juan The Don 4 months ago

And add on 245 sins for making me watch this whole video 🤣

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Ethan Cluck
Ethan Cluck 4 weeks ago

Sin #1 Agent is too skinny

Also anyone else notice the game vs Spurs doesn’t count towards career stats? Is it a dream or something? Lol

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Christian Kallio
Christian Kallio 2 months ago

Everything Wrong With NBA2K18 In One Sentence
B Fresh

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Its Legend
Its Legend 4 months ago

"Nobody needs a 6"3 pure shot creator" I guess Mr. PlateCleaner never heard of Tyceno

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J Rome
J Rome 3 days ago

Take away half of the sins for misunderstanding what was going on lmao

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Con Man
Con Man 1 month ago

As he says in the title “Under 13 minutes”
looks at how long 13:37....

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EvoLjfe 4 months ago

Everything Wrong With NBA2K19 In 15 Minutes or Less!
Spoilers, duhh

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Brisk Clown
Brisk Clown 5 days ago

dont you me who needs a 6'3" pure sharpshooter 👀🤣😂

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Jalil Stephens
Jalil Stephens 4 months ago

As a person that’s from Indiana, we call mix tapes, mix tapes

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OnlyNoah Clutch
OnlyNoah Clutch 1 month ago


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