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Agent 00
Agent 00
Published on Jan 10, 2019

Shouts to CinemaSins for the inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNNAG...
Every time I played the MyCareer story I was skipping the cutscenes to get to the enjoyable part of the game. Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em...

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Duke Dennis
Duke Dennis 1 month ago

Davisss ruined nba 2K19

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Grinding DF
Grinding DF 1 month ago

I love Cinema Sins

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King Jay
King Jay 1 month ago

Anybody else skipped all this in the game ? 😂 I didn’t know all these cut scenes where in the game

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JeffRealDeal 1 month ago

Should’ve added a sin for the disappearance to all our clothes once the prelude ended

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HeAt CHAOS 1 month ago

i’m from indiana we don’t call mixtapes sizzle reals only 2k i swear

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ATC Tony
ATC Tony 1 month ago

I'm sure you could've made this a 20 minute video if you wanted too 😂

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Rem Rens
Rem Rens 1 month ago

"Ahh so I guess I'm the leader of the team now,it seems my insecurity, lack of maturity and constant need of approval is finally paying off" 😂 😂 😂

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BluefishTV 1 month ago

Since when is Michael Jackson my girlfriend??

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Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 1 month ago

Chooses a 5’7 PG............
Wow...your taller than I expected

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2m0rrow is not promised

You should've done "Everything wrong with Agent's diet,and weight in 15 minutes or less"

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Garbanzo Bean
Garbanzo Bean 1 month ago

How is this trending with 300k views.

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Mc Muffin
Mc Muffin 1 month ago

At this point I stopped playing myCareer i just play myTeam now. Idk it’s just more fun to me.

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ThE Book Of SwantE
ThE Book Of SwantE 1 month ago


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Loon Julis
Loon Julis 1 month ago (edited)

U did nothing, but show how u copy others & complain. agent 0 (Gilbert arenas). again u hate on shot creators & never say the real problems. madd corny.. just for views.

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jorge baez
jorge baez 1 month ago

You know in indiana the fair is in summer, but the g league season is November to march lol .

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Slite 1 week ago

Please make original content agent

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Denver Carbonel
Denver Carbonel 1 month ago

agent 00 is never happy at any game.....

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BullShark 1 month ago

Combining my two favorite channels cinema sins and nba 2k

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Master prestige Goat-cheese

Haha I see you been watching cinema sins lol 😂😂

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John Joyner
John Joyner 1 month ago

Congrats on trending agent

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