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This Channel Is Changing!

Published on Jan 9, 2019

It wasn’t easy to come to this decision but I know in my heart it’s what is best for me, my creativity and the final product. And to be very honest, I’m really excited about it. I have so many ideas in my mind that I haven’t been able to execute on such a rigid schedule and I’m excited to be able to live through the creative process a bit more and bring them to life. I appreciate all your support over the years and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. #TEAMSUPER FOR LIFE.
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Diana Chu
Diana Chu 4 months ago

When she said what up it’s lily.... 😯😱
Like if u were SHOOKKKKK 😱

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ROYAL3 ! 2 months ago

Lilly:" what up everyone it's your girl LILLY"
ME:*takes q-tips and cleans ears*repeats the video
Lilly:*says the same thing*
ME:*runs to the doctor*

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shook lizard
shook lizard 4 months ago (edited)

She is me when im acting like im happy but im dying inside

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Kaija HahnHansen
Kaija HahnHansen 4 months ago

Yesterday: Superwoman
Today: Lilly
Tomorrow: Unicorn?

Always: Bawse

We love you ... Lilly!

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Mary Bell
Mary Bell 4 months ago

Low key annoyed reading all these comments about her “fake enthusiasm”. It’s 2019, let people be excited about what makes them happy. Stop criticizing others and go find what makes you happy. ✌🏼

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ale andrade
ale andrade 4 months ago

So nobody notice her deliberately not saying superwoman??

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Calico Bunny
Calico Bunny 3 months ago

“It’s your girl Lily!”

...Hold my beer

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sim 4 months ago

mental health is not something you can just fix by ‘calming down’ or whatever. to people saying she’s faking her happiness, just be proud that she actually got out of bed to make this and other content. depression is something lilly has dealt with before and even cracking a smile and being positive is a wonderful achievement or breakthrough in improving your mental health. give her time to get better and to decide how to destress. if you aren’t excited for the change just don’t watch, don’t hate. please.

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Shambhavi Priyeshi
Shambhavi Priyeshi 4 months ago

Lilly don't you dare worry about these negative comments. You are a talented person and inspiration to many. This change was much needed and it will surely lead to optimistic results. I believe in you. Stay happy :)

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sahar 4 months ago

i think the reason stopped watching lily was that when she got a production company, her videos became a bit too high end lol

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cutiepie 15
cutiepie 15 4 months ago (edited)

Lilly: "WHat up everyone"
Me: "Its your girl"
Lilly: "Lilly"
Me : shook

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yaaa its rewind time
yaaa its rewind time 3 months ago

Funny how people bash lily of being energetic and happy when
1. It's her personality and if you don't like it then don't watch her videos
2. Do u expect her to sit and talk in the camera acting all depressed? yet when people are sad you bash them to be happy! y'all haters are impossible

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Candy Thoms
Candy Thoms 3 months ago

Okay so this is just my opinion. I have the right to comment on this video cause this is youtube.

As a young Indian girl, I used to LOVE her back in the days where she filmed her videos in Canada. She was one among the very few Indian youtubers back then and her content was just so funny and creative. (Eg: Girls on period, Girls Group chat, etc.,) Before the entire "UNICORN" stuff happened, that was when her content was excellent. Just like many celebrities fame got to her and turned her (or her content) into a fake cringey and unfunny. Maybe this change could bring her old self back. But she should remember that she has her fame now, because she was real back then.

Oof I have been wanting to say all of this for years now haha No offence to her Unicorns (fans) or whatever lol

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Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson 1 week ago

me: messing up while I say it with her wait what

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Sheva Khaimov
Sheva Khaimov 4 months ago

i've watched her for about 3 years now and i can tell this is forced. and i agree with some of the below comments. it seems fake. i've seen fakeness and faking happiness because i've been there. i think lilly should continue her break. this video is too hyped up, she should try being a little bit... average, almost. it's okay to be average and not always smile or make a sarcastic comment. as someone said below, try being more relatable, because in reality, no one, no one person is happy 24/7

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Elia Fora
Elia Fora 4 months ago (edited)

liliy: “what up everyone...”
lily: “its your girl LILY ”
me:🤭oh mah gad

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Retro Rocket
Retro Rocket 4 months ago

If only Gloria Borger saw this...

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Zainab M. Adam
Zainab M. Adam 4 months ago

It's like you've shared your feelings... but you haven't. Yes we are your team, that's why it's okay to be real with us. No biggy, we're all human. Take your time sure, and come back to us when you're ready. But you be avoiding saying 'superwoman' and calling yourself 'Lilly' to imply your real humanity but still be acting like superwoman.

Honestly I don't know what I just watched. What change?

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Medha Podder
Medha Podder 3 months ago

Y’all keep saying that this is “ forced positivity “ from Lily , well guess what, if you all are being so negative about it. Then I think Forced positivity is what you need. And to be honest . I don’t recall her asking for your opinions about it. Let her change, we as followers cannot comment on that. If anyone is a true supporter. You would support her regardless. Besides it’s not like you’ve lived in her shoes to understand why she’s doing what she is doing.

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comicalsneh 3 months ago

I can’t even express my relief after hearing that you won’t be uploading twice a week anymore. We can all agree that was a LOTTT of work, and you need to, and deserve to, take it easy. And also have more fun by uploading whenever tf you feel inspired.

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