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Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

James Charles
James Charles
Published on Jan 8, 2019

HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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maryam omar
maryam omar 1 month ago (edited)

james: covers himself in makeup and skin stays acne free
me: washes my face and somehow acne still attacks

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Rochelle Barlow
Rochelle Barlow 1 week ago

My 3 favs in this order: Fenty, Too Faced, & Dior. I liked Dior on you, but I think the application process would be a bear. Do you have to cover your eyebrows and hair with something before you apply your foundation? Little eyebrow bandaids. Bwahaha. But the color is lovely. The Fenty looks great though, but I do love the dewy look of Too Faced (though I don't know if you like dewy). Loved this video, crazy thorough. But seriously, your skin without foundation? Gorgeous.

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Yasmine Raddy
Yasmine Raddy 5 days ago (edited)

James: we spent 1204 dollars on foundation

Me:I spent 200 dollars On a jumbo slurple and 20 pounds of ice cream

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Riley Deakin
Riley Deakin 1 week ago

Now everybody can stop judging James because he just made an entire video wasting in his time for all y'all haters out there to be happy so stop judging

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Yulianna Ramirez
Yulianna Ramirez 2 weeks ago (edited)

He says it’s hard to match his foundation because his face and body are different skin tones buttttt neither your body or face is orange sisterrrrr!!!!!

Omg ummmm thanks for all the likes

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mekkk 1 month ago

Imagine not being poor

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Elysa Noy
Elysa Noy 1 week ago

Can you help a youtuber called Sebastian bail ? He's orange

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Lisa Leyendekker
Lisa Leyendekker 2 weeks ago

here is an easy way to check your UNDERTONES: Look on the inside of your wrist. look at the color of the veins.
Blue and purplish veins = cool undertones
Yellowish and greenish veins = warm undertones
Blueish and greenish veins = Neutral undertones.
another way is to look at your skin when it's in NATURAL SUNLIGHT:
pinkish skin =cool undertones
yellowish skin =warm undertones
both or undiscernable coloring =nuetral undertones.
James is pink without foundation and likely has dark veins if he looked at them.

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Virginia Blodgett
Virginia Blodgett 1 week ago

I think because you're afraid of the flashback happening again you're denying you are not a warm undertone and is actually a cool undertone (pink undertone).

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Milla Waldron
Milla Waldron 1 day ago

Fenty and Too Faced were my favourite :))

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Kat Chartreux
Kat Chartreux 1 month ago

I think the fenty beauty color was honestly the best match, you can't even see a color difference between the neck and face

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Kawaii Sempi
Kawaii Sempi 2 days ago

James personally I match my foundation to my arms and legs because I could easily apply foundation to my neck and face and all I show is my arms legs face and neck

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Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez 1 day ago

People need to understand that your skin color changes and nothing is perfect, leave a sister alone! Like all y'all always got something negative to say, like mind ya own gd business and if you cant do that u ain't a true sister! Leave him alone and stop coming for him before somebody come for y'all, LEAVE SUS ALONE

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Daisy's love
Daisy's love 2 weeks ago (edited)

Your face I so different from your leg your face is kinda pink😂😂😍😍
Luv u James❤😘

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Alexandra Bayer
Alexandra Bayer 2 weeks ago

Too Faced is the best match in my opinion!

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america 1 month ago

FENTI was the best!! I think you're a lot lighter and pinker than you think 😂😂😂

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Shannon J
Shannon J 4 days ago

Let's scream together...FENTY! That definitely matched flawlessly. Then too faced and finally makeup forever. Such a great video. The struggle is real. I hate playing the matching game with foundation. Does fenty make a dewy foundation? Xoxo

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Sky Covington
Sky Covington 15 hours ago

No shade to James but I really think he’s a lot paler and pinker in undertones than he thinks 😂 cause when he tried to dior airflash I was like “yes hunny he’s done it he found the perfect one” and he was like “this ain’t it” “it’s too pinky” Maybe I just don’t know how to match foundation correctly either, but imo it really did look amazing on him

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Bevin Gleeson
Bevin Gleeson 1 day ago

What does he mean Huda and homophobia??? Is she homophobic!???

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VS Tik tok
VS Tik tok 1 week ago

I have and LOVE your pallete❤️❤️

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