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Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
Published on Jan 9, 2019

That impression was...something.

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Cynthia Guthrie
Cynthia Guthrie 1 month ago (edited)

Gordon Ramsay is so respectful to the wait staff... I love it

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Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 1 month ago

"YOU DON'T HAND ME RAW FOOD, IN MY DINING ROOM" No, but you'll serve it to customers?

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James Del Rey
James Del Rey 1 month ago

I'm going back down the Gordon Ramsey rabbit hole

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Smol Aubren
Smol Aubren 1 month ago

I can’t understand how the owners get mad
He has cook books,restaurants, and cooking shows for a reason. He’s a millionaire for a reason.

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Burnt Potato
Burnt Potato 1 month ago

“Would you like us to prepare another French onion?”

“Joe, it takes about 4 hours to caramelize the onions...”

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Ro3NBurG 2 months ago

Lol, dissing his micro carrots really got to him.

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Ashh Nacoleee
Ashh Nacoleee 1 month ago

He looks like king candy from wreck it Ralph

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Joris Popplin
Joris Popplin 1 month ago (edited)

"The food is the freshest"
reaches for frozen container 😂

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ItzDaLlama 4 months ago (edited)

owner "the food at the bistro is the freshest, hands down"
also owner "starts microwave"

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No Name
No Name 2 weeks ago

I just love how as soon as Gordon Ramsay walks into a restaurant with cameras, the entire staff immediately betrays their place of employment. Lmao. I don't blame them. It's a good plan.

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Taiya Hogan
Taiya Hogan 1 month ago

Anyone else think the Onion soup 🍜 looks like sewage!!!🤢

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Abigail Hambrick
Abigail Hambrick 1 month ago

Why is no-one talking about the cake funeral?? 😂😂 I swear, The more I watch GR the more I like him😂

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Evan 1 week ago

It's funny because the White House literally serves fast food now.

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Holly Cow
Holly Cow 1 month ago

Am I the only one that is amazed by how strong Gordon Ramsey's stomach is.

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Karma 1 month ago

"He's in the wrong place"
Me: Didn't you ASK him to come here?

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Could be Gayer
Could be Gayer 1 month ago

I always like how GR always knows that it is not the waiters’ fault, and treats them extremely nice.

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Isaiah Aguilar
Isaiah Aguilar 4 days ago

“Would you like for us to make another French onion”

Gordon Ramsay: “It takes about four hours to caramelize the onions”


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Katy May
Katy May 1 month ago

Actually could of slapped him when he mocked the British accent 😂😙

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Cyan Suy
Cyan Suy 2 weeks ago

“Why did you shit all over my food”

“I think it’s more of a garnish, to add a little color to the food”

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wolftomos pro
wolftomos pro 6 days ago

From the thumbnail it look like Gordon Ramsay just died on the table 😂

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