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Schumer and Pelosi's full response to Trump's border address

Washington Post
Washington Post
Published on Jan 8, 2019

After President Trump addressed the nation Jan. 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer delivered a response. Read more: https://wapo.st/2Refxjp. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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Kyotosomo 1 month ago

They should have gone for a camera angle that doesn't make them look like James Bond villains.

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Martins Hacks
Martins Hacks 1 month ago

These two want Americans to become slaves - they are globalists soros roschilds gang!

reply    543 likes    dislike
D PD 1 month ago

this is borderline creepy.

reply    425 likes    dislike
Coca - Cola
Coca - Cola 1 month ago

How come Chuck Schumer looks like Creed from the Office

reply    271 likes    dislike
hussar 1 month ago (edited)

Hey pelosi if the wall doesn't work how come u have a 13 concrete wall around ur mansion

reply    117 likes    dislike
Tsetsi 1 month ago

... another SNL episode shot in a narrow hallway

reply    1,169 likes    dislike
The West is the Best
The West is the Best 1 month ago

The like dislike ratio is close but the comments are 90% making fun of them XD

reply    90 likes    dislike
Matthew Guerra
Matthew Guerra 1 month ago

Who the hell holds a press conference in a hallway?

reply    156 likes    dislike
RobLikesToPoundBeers 1 month ago

Evil cunts

reply    65 likes    dislike
lee moore
lee moore 1 month ago

A wall that costs 5billion or illegals that cost tax payers 150billion a year... let’s do the math.

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Jimmy is Promo
Jimmy is Promo 1 month ago

Clap clap! MEME REVIEW

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Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell 1 month ago

FEAR? Why do they look like evil? Build that Wall Mr President!!!

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Godking kal
Godking kal 1 month ago

An urgent adress from the botox caucus

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The Borden Asylum
The Borden Asylum 1 month ago

"My fellow Americans.." most insincere, generic tone of voice Are these humans capable of empathy?

reply    46 likes    dislike
Ronald Upton
Ronald Upton 1 month ago

Trump is the only leader left to stop this globalist movement
I support Trump 200%!!!

reply    60 likes    dislike
Rigging Doctor
Rigging Doctor 1 month ago

Why are we listening to politicians to tell us what we need in our lives?

reply    429 likes    dislike
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 1 month ago

Trump 2020

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The Punisher
The Punisher 1 month ago

They are so stiff and emotionless they look like evil aliens inside a human suit!

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Vanessa Holguin
Vanessa Holguin 1 month ago

You are both evil... there is literally no other way to say it.

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tobar 13
tobar 13 1 month ago (edited)

WTF Chuck and Nancy look like two evil Aliens or robots .standing side by side and walking in unison talking in unison .they are just plain creepy! we need term limits very bad in America and also any politician's that go against the American people should be arrested for high treason. Chuck and Nancy are two of the most evil people in America and maybe the world.

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