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TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling
Published on Jan 10, 2019

I had some Korea videos and forgot to share this great food adventure with you. This was during my trip to Korea in December 2017, where I went to Busan. And while in Busan I had to check out the street food markets. Enjoy! :-)
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Tyler Doan
Tyler Doan 4 months ago

Sometimes I still wonder if he even lives in his actual home

reply    1,287 likes    dislike
iguess ig
iguess ig 4 months ago

Anyone else want to go to korea for just the food

reply    879 likes    dislike
BlackSkullArmor 3 months ago

If Mike ever becomes a Zombie, we are screwed. Dude could eat the whole population of Earth and still be hungry

reply    184 likes    dislike
Naruto Otaku
Naruto Otaku 4 months ago

”I was born in Busan first”

reply    710 likes    dislike
Nyxofdead YT
Nyxofdead YT 4 months ago

Vegans have left the chat

reply    444 likes    dislike

his farts must be diabolical.

reply    394 likes    dislike
The Gucci Master Kim Taehyung

The way he pronounces tteokbokki makes me die but still great video!

reply    132 likes    dislike
Rieann Estrella
Rieann Estrella 3 months ago

"You gotta come here"


reply    61 likes    dislike
The KPOPgurl
The KPOPgurl 4 months ago

That’s it I’m going to korea

reply    105 likes    dislike
Ranton 4 months ago

Did u take a TRAIN TO BUSAN

reply    1,818 likes    dislike
Rinh 4 months ago

My grandmother lives in Busan, so we visit every time we go there. There's always so much to eat, and I feel like a pig after coming back..cry

reply    155 likes    dislike
Paola Frye
Paola Frye 4 months ago

I love korean food but I told me husband the REAL food is the street food...
And this guy confirms it!

Husband: I'll take you
Me: 😭😍😭

reply    64 likes    dislike
Prabmeet Kaur
Prabmeet Kaur 1 month ago

Need this kind of eating capacity 😭

reply    24 likes    dislike
Army , Once, Nctzen
Army , Once, Nctzen 4 months ago

now I know what's tasty in busan 😏 (bts reference)

reply    108 likes    dislike
Ray Royals
Ray Royals 4 months ago (edited)

This guy literally finds the best food that the world offers

reply    1,961 likes    dislike
Miss Jacqie's
Miss Jacqie's 12 hours ago

Yes I love Korean food and want to go....mostly for the food...no not just that...I lived there once and graduated from SAHS😀

reply    0 likes    dislike
zeroedout 2 days ago

They sell octopus tentacle takoyaki. It has no batter, just huge tentacle slices with the usual takoyaki toppings. Try it next time

reply    0 likes    dislike
Mohamed Satian
Mohamed Satian 3 weeks ago (edited)

Awesome guy....do more eating videos. But is it just me or does HE look like jacky chan

reply    14 likes    dislike
HENRY THE RC CAR 4 months ago

I can't get over how cute ur intro is 😂

reply    72 likes    dislike
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 4 months ago

Thought he said foreskin not pork skin help

reply    47 likes    dislike