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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Published on Jan 10, 2019

Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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REACT 1 month ago

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sue.yungg 1 hour ago

do spongebob food

reply    1 likes    dislike
Sophya Cassandra
Sophya Cassandra 5 hours ago

So I was watching Nailed it! And I thought I saw Jim, and I had to look this episode again to confirm that it was actually him! So funny!
You guys are great!

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Allan Banegas
Allan Banegas 7 hours ago

Try not to eat naruto

reply    3 likes    dislike
CRA 7 7 hours ago

They should of done the chilly dog from the Simpson

reply    5 likes    dislike
little deadpool and the dad is deadpool

Im like bart

reply    0 likes    dislike
Shari Nichols
Shari Nichols 9 hours ago

you should do anther try not to eat Challenge from the simpson from S. 23 ep. 5 the food wife, S. 16 ep. 2 and the last one is S. 8 ep. 11 the twisted world of marge simpson

reply    0 likes    dislike
Solveig Nelson
Solveig Nelson 9 hours ago

You should do an Adventure Time try not to eat challenge! There's a lot of fun food in the show with Tree Trunks apple pies, everything burrito, the royal tarts, Jakes perfect sandwich, Finn cakes, and of course Bacon pancakes!

reply    3 likes    dislike
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson 1 day ago

Try sponge bob food!

reply    18 likes    dislike
RandomRevival27 1 day ago

I really wanted somebody to try the spaghetti bar. 😂

reply    7 likes    dislike
TrippyyKid 1 day ago

I really mad they didn’t do Flanders hot chocolate 😩😩😢

reply    15 likes    dislike
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz 1 day ago

Try not to eat Nickelodeon challenge, stuff from rugrats, spongebob, avatar the last airbender, etc.
Try not to eat game of thrones challenge

reply    9 likes    dislike
foreveryoung shawty

I love watching this try not to eat challenge,,, always fun... Thx guys... Keep the challenge...I'm always waiting for the new ones...

reply    5 likes    dislike
unicorns rock
unicorns rock 1 day ago

Fun fact my last name is simpson

reply    3 likes    dislike
Matthew Shapiro
Matthew Shapiro 1 day ago

I love sardines you guys are mean

reply    3 likes    dislike

Ary and me are the same person 😂 she wants to eat everything

reply    4 likes    dislike
Makayla Elizabeth
Makayla Elizabeth 1 day ago

u should do riverdale

reply    3 likes    dislike
Mishelle Gallegos
Mishelle Gallegos 1 day ago

spongebob try not to eat

reply    7 likes    dislike
RedPanda The Panda
RedPanda The Panda 1 day ago

I was literally eating nachos during this video

reply    1 likes    dislike
Unicorn Bubble
Unicorn Bubble 1 day ago

Try not to eat the simpsons

reply    7 likes    dislike