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The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... First Cleeter Test Fit!

Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Published on Jan 10, 2019

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Yeah... this build is NEXT LEVEL! Big thanks to TRZ Motorsports for building that amazing rear end housing!

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C Furb
C Furb 4 months ago

Should make the jet engine look like a Mountain Dew can

reply    556 likes    dislike
the upscriber
the upscriber 4 months ago

Man that turbine would look good painted as a can of Mountain Dew.

reply    124 likes    dislike
alanjrkaminski 4 months ago (edited)

"It's basically a Prius". A real man's hybrid is what it is

reply    84 likes    dislike
DoggoZA 4 months ago

How did you go from putting fake turbo whistles in your C7 to putting a REAL jet engine in a car 😂😂😂

reply    63 likes    dislike
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 4 months ago

Grab yourselves a Freedom we’re going Bardle Skeetering

reply    661 likes    dislike
Benny Carpenter-Deason
Benny Carpenter-Deason 4 months ago

I subbed to this channel when you guys were playing with duck calls and turbo whistles. I "joined" this channel the day you came out with it. I own a couple shirts that Holley shipped. I watch almost every video the day it uploads. If you keep this up I will have to fly from Seattle to see this beauty at a Cleetus and Cars. Keep it up.

reply    79 likes    dislike
Kelton Derkach
Kelton Derkach 4 months ago

I’ll just be honest but I didn’t think this car was going to be this legit from when the idea came up. INSANE SO HYPED

reply    69 likes    dislike
SullyThePankake 4 months ago

Will MTN DEW sponsor the car?

reply    21 likes    dislike
Ioben Borbiliac
Ioben Borbiliac 4 months ago

Next T-Shirt will be, "James! Get the fire extinguisher!"

reply    10 likes    dislike
Matt Hill
Matt Hill 4 months ago

From stuffing fake turbo whistles into your c7 exhaust, to this 🤣

reply    291 likes    dislike
Alex Swander
Alex Swander 4 months ago (edited)

But is it street legal? Need to call up the rest of the 1320 crew and do some street racing when it’s done... And what if there was a bald eagle painted or a decal onto the hood like the screaming bird on a trans am

reply    40 likes    dislike
Hans Möller
Hans Möller 4 months ago

6:30 Look at his cap 😂 i❤️Cooper 😂😂

reply    16 likes    dislike
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz 4 months ago

A perfect opportunity for Mt dew to get on board the Cleetus McFarland jet car project !

reply    8 likes    dislike
Cameron 4 months ago

Nervous for you bro.. you got a fire ball behind you, an engine in front of you and only one exit through your drivers door.... I do demolition derby’s and I always make sure I build my car for easy escape Incase of a fire..

reply    25 likes    dislike
732 Stang
732 Stang 4 months ago

This channel just gets better and better every video. TEAM BARTLE SKEET 🦅🇺🇸

reply    573 likes    dislike
Memphis 2 Houston
Memphis 2 Houston 4 months ago

How can you not give these guys a thumbs up!! As my old lady says when i get off work "I'm watching my man porn" lmao 😂😂 keep up the great work. Glad i subscribed 👍👍

reply    12 likes    dislike
Trevor 4 months ago

Hold up, The jet engine is just A power adder?!?! Bring A whole new level to racing!

reply    10 likes    dislike
Willy's Toys
Willy's Toys 4 months ago

For the 0.01% of people who see this comment...

Happy New year, and God Bless. ! Much love from a mini u tubr

reply    5 likes    dislike
D N 4 months ago

This will be an awesome car for "Drag Week".

reply    2 likes    dislike
ZSTRODE. 4 months ago

Time to take a 16 minute poop at work! 😂

reply    274 likes    dislike