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Generation Zap
Generation Zap
Published on Sep 2, 2018

Zap of generation zap creates weekly compilations of best videos.
You'll be able to find funny videos, but also fails, crazy and hilarious stuff.
I do two videos per weeks (monday and thursday 18h30 CEST)

If you are the owner of a video, please send an e-mail : [email protected] - The video will be deleted quickly. Thanks !

To send me a new video : [email protected]

I read all comments, I reply when I can.

I had no idea for thumbnails so I decided to put some pictures of my cousins. I hope you'll enjoy it ! =)


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priestof1 7 months ago (edited)

4:52 10:27 you're welcome

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RustyPATH 7 months ago

the thing about the man cleaning his car in the rain is this, he is soaping it up and rain wash it off so he saves on the water

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Francisco du Vietnam
Francisco du Vietnam 7 months ago

Ca déchire trop !!!! 😂🖒 +1 abo en direct du Vietnam 🤗🍚

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Maxime Badet
Maxime Badet 8 months ago

zap de meilleur qualité que la plus part des autres zap. ésperons que la qualité reste au rendez-vous.

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Edwin D
Edwin D 7 months ago

poor guy at 14:36 was enjoying his miserable life for a change lmao

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Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 7 months ago

20:48 Why they are so mean! rsrs

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J1I9M7M4Y 6 months ago

WTF.. That very last one made me spit coffee all over the place.. 🤣🤣

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Juan Calderón
Juan Calderón 7 months ago

el final lo vale jajaja

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James Estelle
James Estelle 7 months ago

3:23 - LOL ! Your budgie just got "teabagged" by a plastic penguin!

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Lance Pena
Lance Pena 7 months ago (edited)

14:18 meanwhile... Security guards in Philippines.

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Contre bandier
Contre bandier 7 months ago

Trop fort le ptit elephant a 14:57

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tomitstube 7 months ago

0:55 ooooohhhh, you won $11 worth of toys.

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Romeo W
Romeo W 7 months ago

7:00 Translated: "Why should you care to tell the plane crew? It is not our plane."

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Star Bluebolt
Star Bluebolt 7 months ago

generation fap??

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war1980 7 months ago

I'll bet she has a very happy girlfriend.

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Sir Leviatan Doom
Sir Leviatan Doom 7 months ago

13:34 don't waste water and wash the car in the rain, genius!

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Pichian Na Nakorn
Pichian Na Nakorn 4 months ago

i luv that firework!! lol

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J.A.M 7 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that first guy noticing the camera🤣🤣🤣🤣

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No Body
No Body 5 months ago

Man! .... I Think I Broke some Ribs....BEFORE I Passed Out from Lack of Air....from Laughing 😂 too Hard & Too Long.

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Elijah Buscho
Elijah Buscho 7 months ago

This was the best video I've ever seen

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